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Always a Voice

Empowering Survivors of Abuse & Trauma

My “Why”:

After going through domestic abuse many years ago, despair stripped me—and my family--of hope. Through care, support and healthy coping skills, I have learned to heal, overcome, and thrive once again.

My "Magic":

Power and “magic” is found through embracing our own unique beauty—where we’ve been, and who we truly are. Each one of us is living in the present, yet daily we must deal with the fallout of our pasts and all that has has gone before. Sometimes we can forget that each day is an “after”—a sequel that hasn’t happened yet! Our journeys—our “todays”—are not hopelessly fused to the disappointments or failures we experienced in the past. Each new day is a separate entity with limitless possibilities. We need a little magic and HOPE these days! 

Founder: Jill Annette Short

Domestic/Child Abuse Advocate/Speaker

Child Advocate for CASA of So. MD

Mrs. Maryland International 2020

Here is a little bit about me and why I do what I do:

🌻Born to missionary parents, I lived much of my childhood in the beautiful but underprivileged islands of Micronesia. Those early years taught me how diverse and special our world is and how important it is to embrace outreach and community service.

🌻Throughout my adult life, I have lived out my belief that hard work, dedication, and DREAMING BIG is the only way to true success. I am married to my best friend, Ray, and am the proud mother of ten and even prouder grandmother of seven—my deepest inspiration stemming from my faith in God, and from the love I feel for and from my family.

🌻I am an international interpreter/translator of three Micronesian languages, translating legal/government documents and books, as well as interpreting for court cases, social and medical appointments, and emergency situations. Along with my translation business, I enjoy being involved in my community—as does my family.

🌻With a degree in counseling and theology, I am a published author, motivational speaker, volunteer, and currently serve on the board of directors for the Center for Abused Persons® (CAP). In 2016 I founded my non-profit organization/support group, Always a Voice, offering education, encouragement and resources for survivors of domestic violence and other forms of trauma. It is my continued goal as Mrs. Maryland America to accomplish as much as is physically possible in support of my continued platform: Domestic Abuse Awareness and Prevention: Striving to make EVERY home a SAFE and HAPPY home!


🌻Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you know of ANY need or opportunity you feel I could be of help with/for in our community (and beyond)!

Love you all,


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